The Good, The Bad, The Unicorns

September 13th, 2013

I always tell people that owning a food truck (or food trucks) allows you to experience the highest of highs and the absolute lowest lows every day. Today was one of those days. Colin, Diana, and I headed to do an in-office catering at Nanigans – a really cool Facebook advertising company that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Colin and I were training Diana on taking orders, and she was just killing it. Hiring someone who’s personality naturally aligns with our style of hospitality is one of the best feelings you can possibly feel as a food truck owner. Things were going really well when Suzanne, a team leader at Nanigans, came over sporting a Unicorn mask. We’ve got a thing for Unicorns kind of, and I just thought everything cosmically aligned, and that this Friday the 13th could be only good.

Then I got a phone call from our Dewey Sq truck saying the Ansul system had disengaged. Ansul systems are really powerful fire suppression systems, designed to set off automatically in case of a fire. They shoot out gross foamy chemicals that put fires out. The foam ruins everything it touches. There was no fire (thankfully) but a horrible mess both in the truck and on The Greenway, and we had to close while guests were in line and waiting for food. That’s one of the worst feelings you can possibly feel as a food truck owner. If you were in line or waiting for food at Dewey today, shoot me an email (james at roxysgrilledcheese dot com) and I’ll be making it up to you. East Coast Fire is here fixing it all now. It’s going to cost $1000 to fix, which means I’ll be eating ramen all week. I guess the silver lining is that come tomorrow morning, it will all be fixed like it never even happened. Plus I’d like to think I saw a real Unicorn today.

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