We're here to take what you've always thought of fast food, and turn it all upside down. 

I'm not going to tell you who Roxy is, but I will tell you the story of how this all happened. Roxy's started out as an accident, really. I was in my last year at Emerson College and spending all of my vacation time touring with my brother Mike's band all over the US and Europe. I got inspired by the spreads of bread and cheese we would get in cities all over Europe, and jokingly decided I would want to make a living serving that to people. A semester later, I finished school and went on my first interview at a somewhat famous marketing firm. It went well and they offered me a second interview. On the morning of my second interview I realized I only owned one suit, and didn't want to wear the same suit to both interviews, so I cancelled and bought a food truck instead.

Roxy's was founded as a creative outlet and as an experiment in hospitality. I wanted to know - can you offer the same level of hospitality from a food truck that you receive at your favorite sit down restaurant? Can you make it even better? Do guests want to see their food being made? Do they want the opportunity to have a conversation with the people cooking their food? To me, a food truck seemed like the ultimate experiment. 

We opened our first truck in March of 2011 in Cleveland Circle in Brighton - a spot we still visit frequently. We went into it with almost zero starting capital - just enough to buy the truck, and the best ingredients we could possibly get to create the sandwiches that some would claim to be legendary. Our food philosophy trumped everything else - we had no fancy truck, or marketing, or even equipment. But we decided from the start we were going to make the best and freshest food we could and make people think different about what a grilled cheese could be. And we're still thinking that way.

One truck quickly became two, and then it was time to start thinking about opening our first brick and mortar location. We wanted to maintain our food philosophy and expand a bit with food that we all loved to eat (and drink). That's why you'll find awesome burgers, poutine, and beer on our Allston menu. 

We've been blessed over the years to receive a lot of press, both locally and nationally, but the truth of it is, it's not that important. It's not why we do this. We want to be creative, we want to have fun, and hopefully make a little money doing it. We want to build a great team and a great community, and serve great food to great people. It's that simple. It's why we're here. And hopefully it's why you're here too.

James DiSabatino

Founder / Roxy's Grilled Cheese